Explore the citizenship by investment in Malta, a program that stands out, especially when considering Malta citizenship through real estate investment. The option of investing in property is a key aspect of this program, offering a unique pathway to acquiring Maltese citizenship.
As of 2020, Malta's previous citizenship by investment initiative concluded on a high note, having successfully processed 1800 applications and contributing a substantial Euro 1.6 billion to the Malta Government over a six-year period through the Malta Immigration Investment program.
The contemporary program, launched in December 2020, introduces a novel approach with a two-stage process. Initially, applicants are granted residency, and upon fulfilling specific criteria, they become eligible for citizenship. Notably, individuals can opt for a residency period of either one or three years in Malta before transitioning to citizenship.
Living in Malta presents a remarkable European experience characterized by peace and the prioritization of family life, with holidays holding significant cultural importance. Furthermore, holding a Maltese passport extends the privilege of visa-free travel to over 168 countries, including coveted destinations like the UK and USA. Invest wisely in property through Malta citizenship by investment program and unlock the doors to a prosperous future.

Malta Citizenship Programs

Citizenship by investment Program in Malta can be obtained in 12 months from the date of application. Within 2-3 weeks of applying for citizenship, the applicants will be provided with e-Residence cards with which one can reside in Malta and also gain access to the entire Schengen Area.

Acquiring Maltese citizenship through the investment program is an expedited process, taking just 12 months from the date of application. Within a swift 2-3 weeks after applying, applicants receive e-residence cards, granting the privilege to reside in Malta and enjoy unrestricted access to the entire Schengen Area.

Malta offers a lifestyle that adheres to European standards, making it an attractive prospect for property investment through the Malta Citizenship by Investment Real Estate program. With a Maltese passport, the possibilities are vast – access to 168+ countries, including the UK and USA, visa-free. This citizenship is a lifelong privilege that extends to future generations through naturalization.

Becoming a European citizen within a year opens doors to living, studying, and working anywhere in the European Union. Enjoy comprehensive health benefits and other perks. Notably, you won't face taxation on income, wealth, or inheritance outside of Malta, and there's no requirement to declare your assets.

Malta Citizenship Requirements, Process And Cost

  • Main applicant’s Age – 18 years and above
  • Invest in House in Malta for a minimum of €350,000 /16,000p.a.
  • Contribution of €650,000
  • Become part of Maltese communities
  • Invest in Government bonds to the tune of €150,000
  • The whole process is completed in 12 months approximately.

Malta Citizenship Benefits

  • European union citizenship on complying of agreement
  • Residency permit when waiting for the citizenship
  • Right to live, study, work, do business, retire, unite family
  • Citizenship handed down automatically to newly born
  • Education & Health-care: high quality, internationally recognized & acclaimed
  • Tax Residency:
  • Source & Remittance based taxation only.
  • No Wealth Tax.
  • No Asset Reporting.
  • No Inheritance Tax
  • Low minimum presence requirement
  • Visa free travel to 173 Countries, inc. UK, US, CA.

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