Achieve your Citizenship by Investment program in 6 months’ time

Port Montenegro is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a mini city in itself. The country is giving a tough competition to Monaco which was thus far the most coveted place to invest in by the rich and powerful of the world. People who get to visit Montenegro get to enjoy the Adriatic coast while enjoying the beautiful Balkan country which is filled with green canyons, untouched pine forests, medieval lakes, beaches and villages. This place has become a sanctuary for Super Yacht. It is a luxurious destination in Europe. The country has come up with citizenship by investment program for a maximum of 2000 applications which it intends to close by 2025.

This program was defined to encourage direct foreign investments in the country for developing the country and also to market their real estate.

To qualify for the program, the high net worth investor needs to

  • €450,000 in the real estate of the country
  • €100,000 contribution to the Montenegrin Government development fund
  • Provide true passport of the country they belong to
  • Prove their source of income for the investment
  • The program ends once the immigrations receive 2000 applications. Hence the investors need to ensure they are within that bracket.
  • The investor needs to provide proper documentation proving one’s no-criminal background.

Benefits of this program

  • Montenegro offers real estate which is facing the sea.
  • The investor becomes a citizen of Montenegro and becomes part of European Union
  • Cost of living in this country is very less
  • With Montenegro’s passport one can travel to more than 123 countries visa free
  • The country allows dual citizenship
  • The tax regime is very profitable for the investors. There is no tax that is levied on income earned outside Montenegro. 3% taxes are only charged on inherited real estate and on transferrable immovable properties.

The Process

  • Submit application along with supporting documents
  • Application, documents submitted, proof for source of income are all verified by the Montenegro immigration authorities. Background checks are also done as required.
  • Once the application is approved, investment amount needs to be paid.
  • The high net worth individual gets his Citizenship for Montenegro achieved

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