France Business Investment Immigration Program

The beautiful nation France, which owns a rich culture and heritage and whose language is spoken worldwide officially, second only to English has started inviting immigrants with business investment intentions to the country.

France is known worldwide for its arts, poetry, stupendous architecture, landscapes, rivers, lakes and above all, it is known as the Fashion hub of the world. The economy of France majorly is influenced by the Fashion industry, tourism and agriculture. France is the country which invented different recipes made from potatoes which we relish at any part of the day.

France’s capital Paris, is the fashion hub of the world. France has a beautiful country side with natural landscape and is conducive for farming.

The Investor Immigration Program

Any individual with a good financial standing and with an intention to invest in France can apply for this program. If you are one such individual looking to invest in France in either a running business or a start-up or wanting to open a branch there, then you need to first prove your net worth. This VISA will be valid for 10 years. You can apply for either French citizenship or renew the same.

To become eligible for French Citizenship, you need to reside in France for a minimum period of 5 years.

Please Note

  • You don’t have to learn French language to apply for the program
  • The whole of the process time is 2 months
  • During the process or during the period of the VISA, there are no compulsions on your stay in France.
  • One the eve that you live in France during the period of your PR Visa, you will have to pay your taxes in France. However, in case you decide to not live in France, then only your income from the investments you earned are taxable. Your earnings worldwide will not be taken into consideration for taxing in France
  • You can access the whole of Schengen Area with this Visa
  • You get an access to the local medical aids and living & educational benefits
  • Your family can join you with your PR to France
  • In 3 years, if living in France, you become eligible for citizenship.

To be eligible for this program, you need to

  • Minimum Investment – Euro 10 million
  • A Long term Investment must be made in either equity or commercial assets or industrial asset of the country.
  • Such long term investment can be made personally or through a registered company in which you have a 30% stake. Such a company need not be based in France
  • Such investment should be maintained for a minimum of 10 years in France.
  • You should be able to provide crime free records, a medical certificate, and a passport with healthy history

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