SubClass 186 –Employer Nomination Scheme

Through Employer Nomination Scheme or Sub Class 186, the applicant should have received a nomination from a particular employer to whom they were working for during the past couple of years before submission of application.

Any such employee, who is either working for the employer outside Australia or locally with a temporary visa qualify for this program. Through such valid nomination, one qualifies to apply for a Permanent Residency permit in Australia.

Documents that are required to be submitted for this program

  • Document proving your employment status in relation to the nominating employer
  • Medical certificate from authorized practitioners
  • Certificate from local authorities to prove your crime free background
  • Assessment result document proving your proficiency in English language
  • Education and skills evaluation certificates
  • Experience certificates

3 pathways have been defined under this program

i. Direct Entry Stream

When an employer directly decides to provide you nomination for PR in Australia, then you qualify to apply under “Direct Entry Stream”.

Qualifications/eligibility under this stream

  • Get nomination from your Australian employer
  • IT is important that your profession or job type is part of the current eligible Australian skilled occupations list.
  • Take English proficiency tests through authorized agency
  • Prove your work experience for a minimum of 3 years in the same domain.

Process time – 12 months to 18 months

  • Within 6 months of receiving the nomination, you should be granted your PR
  • You qualify to live, work and study in Australia with this VISA.
ii. Labor Agreement Stream

Labour Agreement is something that few Australian companies have to enter into with the Government. Based on this agreement, the company has to comply with certain norms. Applicant who is part of such a company, will have to go through this stream.

Qualifications/eligibility under this stream

  • Your employer must be party to the Labour Agreement
  • You need to prove that you are below 45 years of age.
  • You need to take a test to prove your English language proficiency through authorized agency.

Process time – 12 months to 18 months

  • Within 6 months of receiving the nomination, you should be granted your PR
  • You qualify to live, work and study in Australia with this VISA.
iii. Temporary Residency Transition Stream

For all those employees, who are currently working in Australia on a temporary basis, can utilize this scheme to convert their visa to a PR.

Such qualified employees, will enjoy the same benefits as a citizen there. They will also have access to medicare and other educational benefits. They can live and work in Australia and also study there.

To qualify

  • Need to be having Temporary work Visa under Subclass 457 or other relevant bridging visas.
  • IT would be nice, if the applicant is working with the same employer for 3 years prior to submitting the application. And the nomination should have been provided by such an employer

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