Alberta's Pnp Program

Alberta PNP

Alberta's PNP program, otherwise known as the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) invites interested immigrants to relocate to Alberta to live, work, study and conduct business there. This program is run by the Alberta Government in tandem with the Federal Government. It is one of the most prosperous provinces of Canada. Most of the industries and Information Technology departments of Canada is located here.

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British Columbia PNP

The BCPNP has multiple pathways under it to cater to needs of different immigrant applicants. Under one of the pathways, which is etched out by both the BC government and the federal government, it is required that the profile of the immigrant applicant be part of the express entry pool

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Manitoba PNP

Manitoba, which is one of the most prolific rich provinces of Canada and where aboriginals still reside, invites immigrants to relocate to the province through its Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program otherwise known as the MPNP. It is rich in minerals, raw materials and land good for agriculture.

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New Brunswick Pnp

New Brunswick PNP

New Brunswick through its NBPNP, invites immigrants into its lush green province to help the Government fill in their job requirements which would need skills and tactfulness to accomplish tasks. This program has multiple pathways aiding the immigrant applicant to choose from one which would be conducive for the applicant to become a Permanent resident of Canada

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New Foundland Pnp

New Foundland PNP

The Eastern most twin provinces of Canada- Newfoundland and Labrador with low population around, invites many immigrants into the province; all those qualified highly skilled immigrants to live, work and contribute to the economy and society of the province. There are multiple pathways in NFPNP aiding individuals to choose what best would work for them to relocate to Canada.

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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Nova Scotia PNP

The Scotland of Canada, Nova Scotia, the smallest of the Canadian provinces invites applicants to migrate to the province through its Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. The province, surrounded by many smaller islands is close to the sea and has a port too.

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Ontario PNP

Ontario's Provincial Nominee Program is known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) which was built to help both the Government of Ontario and the applicant immigrants to ease the process of migration into the country. The province has multiple pathways defined within its OINP to help migrants choose the right pathway for themselves.

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Prince Edward lsland PNP

Prince Edward Island's Provincial Nominee Program otherwise known as the PEI PNP, allows immigrants to relocate to Canada through the many pathways it has defined which seem tailor made for the immigrant applicants to choose what works best for them.

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Quebec Skilled Worker

Quebec's Provincial Nominee Program is known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Quebec, which is laden with thick vast forests and rolling hills, invites all those skilled individuals who can talk French fluently as French is the official language of Quebec and it requires that the immigrant know French well so as to cater to the needs there.

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The Saskatchewan Province's Provincial Nominee Program - the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program works with the Federal Government through many of its pathways, to ensure, it provides nomination to the right candidates for them to relocate to Canada with a Permanent Resident Permit there.

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Yukon province is the most unexplored province of Canada. Its mountainous, wild and has very less population. This province whose economy is defined mostly by mining and tourism has its own Provincial nominee program inviting immigrants interested to relocate to this beautiful sub-urban place.

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