Maltese Residency by Investment Program

This Program was started in the year 2015. High net worth individuals looking to make cross border investment can definitely take this as one of the pathways.

  • This program is highly effective and provides immediate access to European Markets.
  • Under this program, the applicant’s immediate family can join the applicant
  • The Residency permit will be provided for 5years and further can be renewed.
  • After 7 years of residency in Malta, one becomes eligible to apply for citizenship there.
  • Investments made in Malta, need to be maintained for 5 years
  • With this visa, you can work for anybody and anywhere in Malta
  • This program doesn’t need you to live in Malta at any given point of time

Malta’s Tax system

  • You will be taxed only for your local income
  • Any income that you earned outside Malta will not be taxed in Malta
  • For any kind of inheritance, taxes will not apply
  • You need not pay any wealth tax
  • There is no obligations for you to disclose your wealth

How to apply for this program

Age – 18 years and above

Net worth – Minimum legal Provable networth of $500,000

Contribution to Non-refundable Government bond – Euro 30,000 +€5,500 non-refundable Application Fee + €24,500 payable only on approval.

Minimum investment Options

  • Option 1- Minimum investment of € 250,000 in Government bonds
  • Option 2- Minimum investment of €320,000 in Real Estate of Malta
  • Option 3- Rent a property at €12,000 per annum

Documents required

  • EU Health Insurance
  • Clean past records- business and social
  • Clean Passport

The whole of the process takes less than 3 months’ time. XIPHIAS Immigration’s expert international immigration consultants provide the right information and guidance for you to invest in the country’s real estate and help you complete the migration process.

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